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PPV Predictions Game

We run two PPV predictions game, one for WWE and one for TNA. Here's what you need to know. For rules on the points system, click on the last game played for either company.

-Current Rankings: prowrestlingtrinity.deviantart…
-Last Game Played: Wrestlemania XXVI prowrestlingtrinity.deviantart…
-Next PPV: Extreme Rules (Not Open Yet)

-Current Rankings: prowrestlingtrinity.deviantart…
-Last Game Played: Destination X prowrestlingtrinity.deviantart…
Next PPV: Lockdown (Not Open Yet)

Join now and get a chance to win a prize from either game!

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Pro Wrestling Trinity. For Fans of Wrestling
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Two quick notes. 1 Hamada still works for TNA, dispite the fact that she hasn't been on the shom in months and two, Hamada and Taylor Wilde are the NEW (thank God) Knockout Tag Team Champs, disite that this is the first time the two teamed together and that, again, Hamadea hasn't been seen in months. I'll say one thing, poor Hamada looked like she was wrestling in slow motion agains Lacey Von Erich, and Lacey STILL couldn't keep up!!:rofl:
Well, the first episode of the 2nd season of WWE NXT is over and done with and I must say, that I was kinda disappointed that the first season rookies didn't show up, there still was some good things about the show I liked, mainly that this crop of rookies on a whole showed more personality than the first season. The two tag matches were pretty good, but the selling point was the Pros welcoming the noobs to the WWE proper via gang beatdown. I understand was the message that was trying to be sent; "If you guys even think about pulling what the first crew did, you are in for a world of hurt." Unfortunaly, with the prevous night's beating still fresh in our minds, tonight's beatdown seemed...mundane. Tonight's beatdown was okay from a stroy standpoint, but it lacked the raw shock value of the beatdown of Raw. Raw's beatdown had EVERYONE & EVERYTHING  completely in shambles, not to mention a buzz that more or less ensured that tonight's NXT broadcast is the highest-rated NXT by far. Tonight's beatinbg was more of a "meh". I mean Titus suffered The World's Strongest Slam from Mark Henry, and someone (I forgot whom) took PayDirt from MVP, but beyond that, it really was not all that impressive. The only things that were going though my mind after the show went off were...

1) How exactly does this queel any rebelous thoughts against the Pros? If anything, this may just blow up in the Pros' faces, big time.

2) As much sense as Matt Styker's anger about what happened made, I didn't care for how disrepestful he got near the end of the interview, like he was telegraphing what was coming.

3) One would think that the unsolicted beating of the rookies seemed like a dickish thing for the Pros to do on first thought, looking back, it was meant as a simple warning as opposed to a full-scale assualt.

and finally...
4) If both Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris werer both aknowlenged as being second-generation WWE superstars on NXT, why do they have the stupid names?!  It's not like Cody Rhoades was dressed as a masked superhero called Coon Boy, or Ted DiBiase Jr. was called, "Richie McMoneybags" or anything like that. 2nd gen wrestler generaly do well for themselves as long as they do not outright dick-ride their forefather's gimmicks(casting an eye at DiBaise).

Could you imange Randy Orton in a cowboy hat and assless chaps?
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